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Treatments and massages are offered each Monday, Thursday and Friday from 15:00 to 19:00,

by reservation only!



GLACISSE Anti-Aging 55 min.

This GLACISSE treatment focuses on the face, neck and décolletage. After a precise analysis of your skin type we recommend a series of treatments that is custom tailored to meet the particular needs of your skin. Benefit from the regenerative power of the glacier: the MICA GLACIAL extract gives your skin a visible radiance and more youthful appearance. The treatment begins with a gentle cleansing and toning of the skin using AQUA GLACIAL. The GLACISSE peel then opens the pores, leaving it more receptive to benefit from the subsequent treatments. GLACISSE Active Serum is then gently massaged into the deeper layers of the skin. A refreshing facial mask and rejuvenating massage round of the treatment, leaving your skin with a radiant, youthful glow.

79 €

GLACISSE Purifying Cleanse 55 min.

This facial cleanse penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, leaving it visibly re-balanced. Special GLACISSE products cleanse and purify the skin. An accompanying massage and gentle mask help your skin regain its elasticity and natural radiance.

55 €

GLACISSE Total Regeneration 90 min.

This treatment really harnesses the power of the glacier. A thorough exfoliation prepares the skin for a nourishing MICA GLACIAL cream pack, which is then followed by a rejuvenating full-body massage. Your skin is left nourished, soothed and regenerated.

95 €

GLACISSE Vitality 55 min.

Your choice between an exfoliation or a pack, followed by a relaxing massage: a nice little break for you, and a boon for your skin.

65 €

GLACISSE healthy back 40 min.

The treatment begins with application of our thermo-active pack made from phyto mud. This pack is rich in MICA GLACIAL minerals and contains Alpine plants such as arnica and lavender, which have stress-relieving properties. The pack is followed by a relaxing, soothing massage.

49 €

GLACISSE Light Legs 40 min.

Minerals sourced from the Senales Glacier stimulate drainage, favoring the absorption of soft minerals and detoxification of the legs. Following a cooling pack, sculpting oil is massaged into the legs, reducing that feeling of heaviness in the legs.

49 €

GLACISSE Alpine-Vital-Massage 50 min.

This deep massage integrates extract of arnica to relax the muscles. Ideal after physical activities - and it helps you to get right back in shape for your next athletic challenge.

65 €

GLACISSE Relaxing-massage 50 min.

This traditional massage with rock crystal oil prevents and relieves muscle tension, tones the skin tissue and provides renewed strength and vitality.

65 €

GLACISSE Parcial body massage 25 min.

This massage targets the spots where you personally hold tension the most: back, legs or shoulder area.

35 €

ANTI-STRESS-MASSAGE with essential oils 50 min.

Relax to candlelight and soothing music. Let go of stress and renew your energy levels.

70 €

MASSAGE with coconut-oil 50 min.

Allow yourself to enter in the world of relaxation. Immerse into the light, get pampered with the fragrance of coconut, give your skin that moisture that it needs. A feel-good massage that relaxes and regenerates your body and spirit.

70 €

PACKAGE: GLACISSE PREMIUM face & body 100 min.

GLACISSE purifying cleanse

GLACISSE alpin-vital massage

105 €

PACKAGE: GLACISSE Joie de vivre 80 Min.

GLACISSE "healthy back"

GLACISSE "light legs"

89 €



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